Crafty Christmas

0 spreads holiday cheer with DIY Christmas decor on-the-cheap


Kristi Jansen and Kelli Mullins, the Gilbert twin moms behind craft blog featured in our E.V. Blog Beat this month, had a few more ideas to spread holiday cheer this year. These Christmas-y crafts are sure to make the season bright—and glittery, and shiny, and super cute, too!

craft3_glitter-potted-succulentsGlitter Succulent Planters

These sparkly succulent planters are an easy project to whip up. You just need $0.69 pots, a little glitter and paint! If you’re a longtime reader of our blog,, you know about our major obsession with with succulents. And mason jars. Which is why we decided to switch things up and paint some pots instead of jars. And we added glitter, because a crafter can never overuse the sparkly stuff, are we right?

What You’ll Need:

* 3 mini terra cotta pots
* Patio paint (We used Splendid Gold + Tuscan Red by Americana)
* Foam brushes
* Decoupage
* Glitter
* Clear acrylic spray


1. Paint both inside and outside of your pots. (Painting the inside will prevent fading over time.) Let dry.
2. Paint decoupage around top of pot with foam brush.
3. Generously sprinkle glitter onto painted decoupage and let dry.
4. Seal the pots with clear acrylic spray to extend the life of the glitter.

craft2_diy-snowflake-signLet It Snow Sign

Pretty as a snowflake (not that we see many around these parts!), this wooden Let It Snow sign will get you into the Christmas spirit and is the perfect holiday decor that can be saved for years to come.

What You’ll Need:

* Pressed plywood (Ours is 24″ tall x 18″ wide)
* White acrylic paint and teal acrylic paint
* Wood stain
* Cleaning rags
* A snowflake stencil
* Foam brushes
* “Let it Snow” lettering stencil, or freehand it!


1. Stain wood and let dry.
2. Apply snowflake sticker. Press down hard to create a seal.
3. Paint board white, peel off snowflake and let dry.
4. Apply “Let it Snow” lettering stencil, paint inside teal, peel off and let dry, or just freehand it with your own handwriting.

craft3_striped-peppermint-wreath-tutorialStriped Peppermint Wreath

We’re on a peppermint kick! This matchy-matchy wreath was easy peasy to whip up with no adhesive required—our favorite kind of craft. We hope you love this pretty striped peppermint wreath, because we definitely do!

What You’ll Need:

* 12” foam wreath
* White yarn
* Red yarn
* Embellishments/sprigs
* Wood disk
* Foam brush
* White and red acrylic paint


1. Wrap the wreath in white yarn and tuck the end underneath.
2. Paint the disk white.
3. Freehand pencil lines on the dry white paint to mimic a peppermint.
4. Fill in with small foam brush in red.
5. While the disc is drying, loosely wrap six red sections around the wreath.
6. Tie a red/white striped bow around the wreath.
7. Tuck in the embellishments and disc into the bow.


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